Our Mission:

Take Back the Tap is committed to raising awareness about the environmental implications of the bottled water industry, and to reducing the reliance on bottled water caused by misconceptions about the safety of municipal water supplies. We support the increased availability of tap water on campus, and aim to improve the existing infrastructure so that everyone at Cornell can enjoy this resource. As a part of the university's commitment to sustainability and climate justice, we continue to work with administration to find ways to reduce, and ultimately ban, the sale of bottled water at Cornell.


Our Goals:

Educate the Cornell community about environmental, social and political issues surrounding the commodification of water, privatization of water and the global water crisis.

Create viable and improved alternatives to bottled water, such as increasing access to bottle filling stations and reusable water bottles.

Incorporate our goals of reducing bottled water consumption on campus into the Climate Action Plan.

Eliminate bottled water from Cornell’s campus.