1. What’s so bad about bottled water anyways?

Bottled water wastes water and energy.

Life of Plastic Water Bottle Image
waste landfill

2. Is tap water even safe to drink?



3. Isn’t it much more convenient to drink bottled water than to use a reusable water bottle?

Not really.

4. What can I do?

Here are four steps you should take.

  1. Take the Pledge, stop buying bottled water, and purchase reusable “stainless steel or lined aluminum bottles;” at the same time, encourage those around you to follow your lead.
  2. Join Take Back the Tap if you live in Ithaca; start your own organization if you do not.
  3. Sign a petition urging Congress to keep tap water as a safe public resource that will continue to be enjoyed by all citizens.
  4. Give donations to support charities whose projects make clean drinking water available to the abject poor of the developing world.